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Paper Slitter Rewinder, Ks-1600 B

Technical parameter
1.paper width: 1600㎜
2.base paper diameter: Ф1200 ㎜
3.rewinder diameter: Ф1000㎜
4.Base paper tube core diameter: Ф76㎜
5.Rewinder paper core diameter: Ф76㎜
6.slit width: 30-1600㎜
7.base paper gram: 80-510g⁄㎡
8.slit knives: 18set
9.speed adjust model: electromagnetic speed control
10:main power: 5KW
11:load paper way: pneumatic
12.unload paper way: lifting model
13:break device: pneumatic adjustable control
14:collect paper shaft: air chunk×1
15.slit speed: 300m/min

1.double knives cut, thick style knives.
2.after cut the paper side slide not have burr.
3.disk paper roll firm,two side even.
4.all operate collect on the panel, operate very easy
5.whole machine steel structure, beauty appearance.
6.pneumatic unload the material, operate easy.