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Semi-Automatic Rotary Slotter

Use and Characteristics
This series of semi-automatic rotary slotter features high quality corrugated paperboard production equipment that helps separate paper and perform precision cuts to produce the desired shapes of the manufacturer.

Phase Electrically
The slotting tool apron can be turned 360 degrees in both directions and is easily adjusted using micro-adjusting equipment for maximum slotting accuracy. The synchronized adjustments help save time and reduce waste.

Technological Parameters
Model number Over the paper area(mm²) Over the paper thickness(mm) Working speed(pieces/min)
FYQ-1800 1800X900 2-11 0-60
FYQ-2000 2000X900 2-11 0-60
FYQ-1800 1800×1270 2-11 0- 60
FYQ-2000 2000×1270 2-11 0- 60
FYQ-2200 2200×1470 2-11 0- 60
FYQ-2 5 2 5×1470 2-11 0- 60
FYQ-2800 2800×1600 2-11 0- 60

FYQ-B corrugated board slotter machie

Machine characteristics
This series of FYQB corrugated board slotter machine is comprehensive production equipment which integrates several processes such as corner cutting, creasing and side slicing.

Technological parameter
Model number Passing Paper Size Depth of slot (mm) Speed m/min Thickness of pass board Feeding
FYQ-2000 1850×1470 380 0-50 2-11mm Chain
FYQ-2600 2450×1470 380 0-50 2-11mm 2-11mm
FYQ-2000 1850×1650 400 0-45 2-11mm Chain
FYQ-2600 2450×1650 400 0-45 2-11mm Chain

MQK Die-Cutting and Slotting Machine

Functions and Characteristics
This is one of our new products developed here at Jinguang. This series of die cutter and slotter is similar to other models but it solves such problems as deckle edges and untidy cuts from the rotary knife that plagues other machinery.
This equipment can be paired with multi-color printing machines according to requirements and greatly reduce production costs while increasing the quality of finished products.

Technological parameter
Model Rotary cut diameter Paper passing area (mm) Motor power (kw)
MQK2500 400 mm 1 3 * 2 0 3KW
MQK2500 400mm 1300*2400 3KW
MQK2500 530 mm 1600×2 0 3KW
MQK2500 530 mm 1600*2400 3KW