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Automatic Rotary Die Cutter

Die Cutter Component
The automatic rotary die cutter rolls are produced using 30mm thick high quality steel with a hard chrome plating. The roller cylinder features automatic separation devices to reduce wear.

Feeding Unit
The feeding unit features high precision and a high volume output capacity with an outstanding 10,000 pcs/hour.

Computer Control
The paperboard processing equipment features a PLC controller that is used to maintain reliability and precision. The LCD touch screen interface is user-friendly.

Technological Parameters
Model Max feeding paper(mm) Max feeding paper(mm) Thickness of feeding paper Feeding speed(pcs/min) Feeding Power(pcs/min) Machine weight
MQJ17A 1700×1200 350×500 11mm 30-120 4.0kw 4500kg
MQJ17A 2000×1200 350×500 11mm 30-120 5.5kw 5000kg
MQJ20B 2100×1400 400×600 11mm 50-160 7.5kw 5500kg
MQJ25C 2400×1400 400×600 11mm 50-160 7.5kw 6000kg
MQJ25C 2500×1400 500×600 11 mm 30-100 11.0kw 6 5kg