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Partition Slotter

The partition slotter is a corrugated cardboard machine that forms slots in cardboard boxes that can then be filled with specially cut partition pieces in the partition assembler. The machine has 6 working axes to form several precise cuts simultaneously. It also features 6 shaving paper tools to clear scraps of paperboard at all times during operation.

Main technical data
Model 1000mm data
Max paperbaord 300*1000mm
Min Paperboard 80*100mm
Min.span size of slot 3 5mm
Width of slot 3mm-5mm
Max.depth of slot 15 0mm
Pushing cardboard speed of working table 120time/s
Thickness of processing cardboard 2mm-5mm
Machine shape(long * width * height) 1 7 50 * 1 50 0 * 1220