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Semi-Automatic Printer Die Cutter

Feeding Unit
This semi-automatic printer die cutter completes both printing and die cutting functions in order to produce cartons in one continuous process. The equipment features prefabricated numerical control for maximum precision during operation.

Printing Unit
The printing unit of the printer die cutter features rolling diameter options of 400, 480 and 530mm. The digitally controlled unit performs outstandingly for great printing accuracy and it also has an auto rise function to seal the ink plate to prevent the drying of the system's ink.

Die Cutter
The die cutter unit of this equipment features a rubber cushion component imported from Taiwan, a double-worm abrasion belt cushion and an axial floating cushion for precision and safety.

Model YSF 1200 YSF1450 YSF1650
Diameter of roller 400MM 480mm 530MM
The max speed 60PCS 60pcs/min
The max feeding size 1200X(2200-2800) 14 50 x (2200-2800) mm 1650X(2200-2800)
Slot M in feeding size 330X600MM 350X 600 mm 380X600MM
Effective printing size 1200X(2000-2600) 1450x ( 2-2600)( mm 1650X(2000-2600)
The effective thickness 3.5.7ply (2-12mm) 3.5.7ply (2-12mm) 3.5.7ply (2-12mm)
Printing plate thickness 6±0.1 6±0.1 6±0.1
The max depth of slot 314 370 416
The final boxes of the machine