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Semi-Automatic Rotary Die Cutter

Function and Characteristics
The YMJ series of semi-automatic rotary die cutter is a newly developed die cutting machine designed for the carton making industry. The equipment is built to slot, cut, trim and drill paperboard sheets during production.

1. Cardboard chain feeder system
2. Automatic equipment transverse 40mm
3. Automatic variable adjustment of the upper roller line speed
4. Install upper roller automatic repairing function

Main technical parameter:
Model 1800 2000 2200
Max cardboard size mm 13 50 x1800 13 50 x2000 13 50 x2200
Max diecutter size mm 1350x1700 1350x1900 1350x2100
The min cardbard size mm 600x400 600x400 600x400
Speed pcs/min 60-80
Curved plate thickness mm Single flute 18
Double flute 16
Electrical power kw 4 5.5 5.5