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Clamshell Die Cutter

Our clamshell die cutter is a hand fed machine that performs die cutting and creasing to create the clamshell package. The equipment can work with materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic sheet and leather.

1. Our die cutting machine uses a centralized lubrication pump system for minimal maintenance
2. It adopts name brand electrical components
3. Strengthened construction ensures smooth operation and long service life
4. The active plate frame makes it convenient to install die cutting rules and adjust pressure, producing beautiful products.

Technological Parameters
Inner Chase Size


Max.Rule Length

Motor Power

Machine Weight
Overall Dimensions
PYQ401C 750×520mm 25 15m 2.2kw 2000kg 2300×1500×1500mm
PYQ203 D 930×670mm 23±3 25m 3.0 kw 3000kg 1670 × 1670 × 1630 mm
ML1100 1100×800mm 20±2 30m 5.5kw 4500kg 2450×2100×1900mm
ML1200 1200×820mm 20±2 32m 5.5kw 5000kg 2500×2100×1900mm
ML1300 1300×920mm 15±2 40m 7.5kw 6000kg 2550×2100×1950mm
ML1400 1400×1000mm 15±2 45m 7.5kw 6500kg 2650×2100×2000mm
ML1500 1500×1050mm 14±2 45m 7.5kw 7000kg 2700×2100×2150mm
ML1600 1600×1250mm 13±2 50m 11kw 11500kg 2800×2250×2300mm
ML1800 1800×1280mm 13±2 60m 15kw 13000kg 3000×2250×2350mm