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Automatic Flatbed Die Cutter

This is our automatic flatbed die cutter. The machine is designed for making high-grade color boxes and multi-shaped ink cartons. The flatbed die cutter uses a sophisticated servo system and non-pressurized feeding system to perform high precision operations. The entire machine is computer controlled for automatic running. The control system features an interface that is user-friendly for minimal chance of user error.

Components and Features:
The front guide of the flatbed die cutter has a swinging guide that has little impact on the paper edge yet keeps the positioning of the workpiece precise. The machine features four sets of precision fiber switches to ensure proper placement to avoid waste.

Die Cutting Components
The die cutting unit is made up of a variety of high quality and durable components that offer high precision cutting with excellent automation.

Paper Collector
The paper collector unit automatically aligns paper stacks and keeps a count of the sheets and will shut off when the desired quantity is reached and it will alert the operator with an alarm.

Electric Controller
The die cutter is PLC controlled with a user friendly digital interface that allows for easy operational corrections.

Lubrication System
The machinery uses forced lubrication for the main drive and a timed lubrication system.

Technical Parameters
Model MY-1100
Die cutting type Pressed flat die cutting(Lower side is movable while upper side is unmovable)
Max paper transmitting size 1100* 780mm
Min paper transmitting size 400* 370mm
Max die cutting size 1090* 770mm
Min gripper size 5 mm
Max die cutting pressure 300N/cm²
Paper processed Ivory board 0.1- 2 mm
Corrugated board ≦ 5 mm
Die cutting precision ±0.1mm
Max die cutting speed 6500 sheets/h
Max feeding pile height 11mm(above the level)
Min feeding pile height 11mm(above the level)
Total power 17 kw
Total weight 17 T
Overall size 7650*2100*2100mm (Not including the pedal)
Main parts, Material and Appliance Disposition
No. Item Model Manufacturer Remarks
1 Worm wheel ZQAL9-4
2 Curved shaft 40Gr High frequency quenching
3 Worm pole 40Gr Tempering, high frequency, grinding
4 Platform QT42-10 Resin sand casting
5 Version box Double reinforcement
6 Steel plate 70Cr Dazhi,Hubei Hardness : HRC50-55
7 Gripper tooth raw Duralumin
8 Transmitting chain Renold R enold,UK
9 Pneumatic clutch Yuyi, Italy
10 Frequency Fuji
11 PLC Vigor, Taiwan
12 Man-machine interface Samkoon
13 Main motor Simen Germany
14 Paper feeding collecting motor Wanxin, Taiwan
15 Track bolt bearing JMC South Korea
16 Magnetic valve AIRTAC Taiwan
17 Button Schneider
18 Relay Schneider
19 Contactor Fuji
20 Optoelectronic switch Omron
21 Travel switch Omron
22 Oil pump WLP,Taiwan
23 Fiber-optic switch Preco,Taiwan