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Semi-Automatic Flute Laminator

The semi-automatic flute laminator is equipped with an auto feeding device for loading corrugated board into the processing components. The laminating machine glues together sheets of colored paper to corrugated board that can then be used to create high-end packaging products for a variety of products.

Semi-Automatic Flute Laminator
Main Technical Parameter
Model 1300 1450 1600
Maximum size(W*L) 1300*1100mm 1450*1100mm 1600*1400mm
Minimum size(W*L) 350*350 350*350mm 450*450mm
Laminate precision ≤±1.5mm ≤±1.5mm ≤±1.5mm
Speed 6000 sheets / h 6000 sheets / h 6000 sheets / h
Total power 4.5kw 4.5kw 4.5kw
Machine size 8.8*1.95*1.5m 8.8*2.2*1.5m 8.8*2.5*1.5m
Total weight 3T 3 .2T 3.5T