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Pressing Type Semi-Automatic Folder Gluer

Our pressing type semi-automatic folder gluer is the final piece of equipment used in the production of corrugated cartons. The folding machine uses a manual folding function to give the user maximum control over the finished product. The rest of the process is performed automatically to maximize efficiency and quality. This equipment can be utilized in the production of ordinary cardboard boxes, specialty boxes and double cartons.

The pressing part of the folder compresses the boxes so that they can be stored and transported easily.

Pressing Type Semi-Automatic Folder Gluer
The main technical parameters
Parameters (2000 type)
Maximum size 2000*1100mm
Minimal size 180*160mm
Motor power 3 . 8 KW
Mechanical speed 56m/min
Mechanical weight 1 5 50kg
Size length * width * height 2200x2650x1300mm