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Automatic Folder Gluer

The automatic folder gluer is a high quality production machine that can process 150 paperboard sheets/min on average. It features energy efficiency and speed that makes this a highly sought after box production device.

Automatic Folder Gluer

The automatic feeding section uses a vacuum suction feed to safely move the box into the next section and also perform better creases when the cardboard is not properly creased.

The folder gluer section efficiently folds and fixes the cartons that are then counted and stacked in the final section.

The main technical parameters
Model AFG 2400 AFG2800
Max cardboard (mm) 900*2200 1200*2600
Min cardboard 300*900 300*900
Dimensions 11*3*1.6 meter 12.5*3.4*1.6meter
Total weight 6000kg 7000kg
Power required 11.5kw 14.5kw
Paperboard thickness 3or 5ply
Control PLC and touch screen