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Manual Arm Wire Stitcher

The manual arm wire stitcher is one of our best-selling machines. The stitching machine features high working speed, smooth functionality and durability that you cannot find anywhere else. The stitcher can complete carton production with single nail and double nail formation depending on the box type.

Technical parameter
Model Stapling Speed Stapling Thickness Stretching Length of the holding Arm Exterior Dimension Weight
DX-600 250 s/min 3/5 ply 600 mm 1100x600x1760 300KG
DX-900 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 900 mm 1400x600x1760 400kg
DX-1200 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1200mm 1700x700x1820 600kg
DX-1400 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1400mm 1900x700x1820 800kg
DX-1800 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1800mm 2300x700x1820 1000kg