Corrugating Rolls

Corrugated roll quality
The hardness of corrugated rolls is directly related to the lifetime durability of the rolls themselves. Low hardness will speed up undesirable wear. Our rolls feature a layer of 4-5mm tungsten carbide. This material requires less repairs and greatly extends the life of the cardboard machinery.

Corrugated roll's lifetime
The corrugated roll is the core component of the paperboard production line. With proper maintenance, the roll has a lifetime that is incredibly impressive.

The length of corrugated roll assurance
Outer diameter: Tungsten carbide corrugated roll (A, C, B)
Unit: 10000 meters chrome coated corrugated roll (A, C, B)
Φ<300 1800 500
300≤Φ<360 2400 600
360≤Φ<400 3000 600
Φ≥400 3500 600

Following requirements
1. Smooth roll surface without blemishes.
2. Standard operation
3. Guaranteed against failure except human manipulation error and foreign body introduction
4. Different flute types and friction coefficients, use length: A/C flute >B flute >E flute >G/N flute.